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Dream Front Entertainment Inc.

Dream Front Inc. was founded in 2008 with the mandate to increase the international commercial appeal of Canadian-based screen content.

The company began by producing the documentary Titanic's Unknown Child with generous support from Film Nova Scotia and the CBC. Soon afterward, Dream Front experimented with the production of a seven minute short film called New Blood which received critical acclaim for its beautiful cinematography and played in prestigious venues around the world.

Dream Front's goal has been to support its mandate primarily through the production of long form content. With this in mind, Dream Front now strikes into the realm of feature film with several exciting projects and diversely experienced teams.

Deprivation is a low budget (1.2M) story by writer Joe LeClair that strikes a relevant cord with Canadians from coast to coast. Its themes delve into the psychological aftermath of child abuse within the Catholic church, and follows the intertwined paths of several close friends who have grown up dealing with a shared traumatic past in rural Cape Breton. In this character driven action drama, what first appears to be a tale of tragedy and revenge is lifted by the power of the human spirit to become a story of universal redemption.

Supported by a brillient Canadian script by writer Joe G. LeClair, Deprivation will be Stevens' feature film directorial debut.

In Endgame, a man avenges his wife's murder with the help of a police detective only to find that revenge carries too steep a price. This vigilante crime thriller is in the vein of Death Wish and, more recently, The Game. The innate violence of this genre, and its tragic consequences, seek to clarify a much broader question: What is left of a person's soul when society's rules are ripped away?

Endgame is being produced by Dream Front's Stephen MacLean with Benjamin Stevens, Hank White, Marty Williams and Joe LeClair. This project is being developed under Chessboard Films Inc. and is currently receiving Telefilm development funding.

Unwritten is Dream Front`s fourth feature project: In a rural Maritime town, a goddess walks among the students of Valley View University. Her mind has been ravaged with time and her memories wane. Her purpose, once clear, has been all but lost. Now she grows older - the power of her existence stolen and wielded by a madman. Her hope of regaining immortality lies in the web of clues she must now untangle. Traversing a minefield of murder and intrigue, Charlize battles the clock in a race for life everlasting. She knows the game, she's played it before. But this time something is different. This time there is something new and unexpected. Something she did not anticipate ... Love.

Unwritten is a supernatural thriller about the choice between immortality and love. It is currently receiving Telefilm development funding.

Dream Front`s three year plan is to fully produce one of its four primary projects and be well into completing a second. Each project has been carefully selected because of its compelling topic and marketing appeal.

Benjamin and Stephen travelled to Los Angeles recently (in part funded by Film NS and the Alberta Osihtatahn Project) and plan to make the trip annually to garner business interest in their projects. All of their projects received exceptional interest south of the border, which is where they hope to soon market their projects further.

For more information about Dream Front Entertainment Inc. check out www.dream-front.com.


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