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Feature Drama / 94 min.

Monsters don't only come out at night...

From the producer and writer of Charlie Zone.

Robert Dory's carefully constructed world shatters when his younger brother commits suicide. With David's passing, the Cree writer's long buried secrets push themselves to the surface, compelling him to return home in pursuit of a childhood demon: Ned Patrone, a former priest now confined to hospital after a crippling stroke.

With his life in tatters and revenge simmering in his heart, Robert attempts to enlist the help of high school friends Mark Coolridge, now a successful lawyer desperate to keep the secret of abuse from damaging his promising political career, and Beth Wheeler, a former sweetheart and nurses aid whom he bribes to secure access to Patrone's lock-down ward.

Overcoming emotional hardship and violent showdowns, a bloodied and battered Robert finally reaches his goal - and stands over the frail body of the monster who corrupted his life. As the two men lock eyes, Robert confesses his sins and for the first time, the full haunting story of the abused boys and the cover-up that resulted in David's suicide is revealed. Startled to learn that Ned desires death, Robert finds it in his heart to abandon his murderous plan.

Robert's path to redemption touches many lives. Ned confesses to authorities, Mark goes public with the boys' story, and Beth is finally empowered to escape an abusive relationship. Robert returns to his normal life as a writer and publishes an autobiography based on the trauma of his past.

Through dealing with one of society's most divisive topics, Deprivation guides us on a journey through the darkness with an unmistakable message of hope and reconciliation. What initially appears to be a dark tale of revenge is lifted by the power of the human spirit to become a story of universal redemption. No matter what color or creed, each new day offers the possibility of a second chance in life - for those brave enough to accept the challenge.






Hank White
Stephen MacLean
Benjamin Stevens

Benjamin Stevens

Joe G. LeClair

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